Frequently Asked Questions about Protocel®

Understanding the Lysing Process: Eliminating Waste Product
Things to look for:
  1. Bowel movements: Bowel movements usually become more frequent throughout the day. They can be very loose, pasty or watery. They are often very foul smelling. They can have stringy looking substance interwoven with the stool. If they are loose or watery, you can feel like you are having diarrhea, however if you will "look", you should find that there are chunks of stool with a lot of stringy, slimy substances in the bowl.

    Further, it is vitally important that you have at least one bowel movement per day. This is how our bodies lose the majority of our waste. In the beginning, this might not be how your body has been functioning, whether it is due to pain medication or lack of eating. Whatever the case might be, do whatever you have to do to have at least one bowel movement per day. This could include: 2 ounces of aloe vera juice daily, coffee enemas, constipation teas, prune juice, stool softeners, fiber, etc. You should find that in a relatively short period of time, this problem is resolved.
  2. Urination: If an individual will drink the amount of water recommended (no less than a ½ gallon per day), the urine output will be increased. You can actually pass stringy substance in your urine. The urine can also have times where it is very cloudy looking or times of being very bubbly and frothy as described above. These bubbles generally will not dissipate over time. Your urine should be a light, almost clear color, especially if you are drinking an adequate amount of water. However, there have been reports of brownish urine with a slight tint of orange to it. Be sure that you are remaining hydrated with plenty of fluids, but most especially, water. WATER is the most important fluid in your healing at this time. There have also been complaints that toilet bowls need cleaned more frequently as the slimy substance has a tendency to cling to the bowls.
  3. Sweat: This is abnormal sweating or amount of sweating that is not normal for you when you are healthy. I’m talking a wring-out-your-shirt-and-have-a-bowl-full-of-sweat-type sweating, or for individuals who do not normally sweat, all of a sudden you are finding yourself sweating doing practically nothing. You must look for an increase in body function that is normal for you or should I say not normal for you in this particular instance.

    The following items address specific sweat-related concerns:
    1. Night Sweats: You can also have what is called "night sweats". These are not usually associated with a fever. However, you will wake up in the middle of the night to find that you have drenched your night wear and bedding to the point that you may need to change the sheets and your night wear as if you had just broken a very high fever. Usually after one of these episodes, your body will feel very sticky or slimy and you will need to shower or bathe. Pay attention to the water. A lot of the times, it will be a golden brown color or a slight orange tint. You may also notice substances floating in it.
    2. Hot/Cold Flashes: You can have hot and/or cold flashes. These are similar to those experienced by women in menopause. They are very brief in duration, but can cause you to break out in a slight sweat, especially on your forehead, back of the neck and/or upper lip area.
    3. Hot/Cold Spells: You can also have hot spells. These are similar to the hot flashes. They can come on quickly and leave quickly as well. They are usually followed by a dumping sweat. They are often accompanied by low grade fever under 101°F.

      You can also have cold spells. These can be intense at times. They feel almost bone chilling where an individual needs to crawl under multiple covers to get warm. Often, once the individual is warmed up, they are accompanied then by a "sweat" where their body will dump a lot of lysed material. These cold spells are usually not long in duration.

      Hot/Cold spell lysing symptoms can leave an individual very drained. So, expected to be tired after experiencing these or even during these spells. Allow yourself to rest. Your healing is the most important thing right now in your life!
  4. Dizzy Spells: Some have reported dizzy spells along with their cold/hot spells and vomiting episodes. These dizzy spells can make you feel like the whole room is spinning. They can make you lightheaded and slightly nauseated for a brief moment. If you experience these, please be cautious and make sure you are not in standing when you begin to experience one of these spells. (I actually experienced these with my vomiting, however, I thought it was due to my prolonged bed rest and had something to do with my equilibrium being messed up. It was not until much later and in recent years with other individuals reporting these spells to me that I came to realize that these are actually signs of our body detoxing cancer cells.)
  5. Fevers: Some individuals will run fevers when taking Protocel®. Usually these fevers will range from 99º to 101º. However, we have had individuals that have reported fevers up to 103º. These fevers generally come and go. Usually, they occur at the same time of day for the individual. Often, they will not be effected overly much by fever reducing medication, especially when they are higher. Understand that a fever is a sign that your body is fighting something. This is not a bad sign when you are using Protocel® and fighting cancer. It is an indication that your body is working against your disease.
  6. Traveling Pains: There have been some reports of traveling pains. We can only guess that these might be associated with the waste moving through the lymph system trying to find the fastest way out of the body. These traveling pains can vary in intensity. They are random and can be throughout the body. They have been described as electrical, sharp, shooting, pulsating, tingling, stabbing, itching, burning, crawling, nagging, aching pains. I have had individuals tell me that they are more annoying that painful and others relate that they are indeed painful. So, it just varies according to the individual. I personally believe that it has a lot to do with the amount of water that you are drinking. Again, the more water you give your body, the easier time this junk has in getting out. Your lymph system needs all the help you can give it.

    Nerve Damage Individuals: When individuals have nerve damage and this damage begins to heal there is also a tremendous amount of tingling, crawling, electrical, sharp, shooting, itching, burning, pulsating, nagging sensations. These are different from those described above. These are due to the nerves repairing and sensation returning. If have described some of this in “My Story” found in other sections of this web site. (If you have nerve damage and would like to discuss this further with me, please feel free to contact me privately.)
  7. Nasal Drainage: Many feel that they are getting a head cold as their nose just runs and runs. However, the head cold never develops. Keep a good supply of soft tissues available and readily handy. Do not take any product geared to dry up sinuses. This could be counterproductive. You want this junk out of your system. Plus, it probably would not stop the drip, drip, drip anyway as this is not normal sinus drainage but the elimination of cancer waste. (Obviously, any drainage in the various shades of green would be an indication of an infection for which you should seek appropriate medical attention.)
  8. Eye Matter: You can find that you wake up in the morning with crusted matter in the corners of your eyes or coating your eye lashes. You may also find an increase in matter or what is often referred to as “sleepy-time” in the corners of your eyes during the day.
  9. Limp/Oily Hair: You may find that you have to wash your hair more frequently, often on a daily basis. This is a common complaint. Most people feel that their hair has an oily appearance and is limp. Women complain that it will not hold a style. It is not that your hair is oily. It is that you have been losing waste product by sweat through the top of your head. As this substance is usually slimy in texture, it makes the hair appear oily and limp. Also, many complain of dandruff. Again, this would be the loss of lysed cancer cells through your scalp.
  10. Ear Wax: There can be a greater amount of ear wax in the ears. Many people use ear candles to wick-out or help remove the excess wax. These can be found in most health food stores and many online “health” stores.
  11. Skin Irritation or Rash: Sometimes an irritation/rash can appear. It can be red and may look like it has "white heads" in places. When you try to "pop" these bumps, there is usually nothing in them or maybe just a small amount of white matter. Sometimes the rash is itchy, but most often this is not the case. You can apply any aloe vera-type gel to the area to help with healing and itching. Your skin may also be flaky and you might feel like you are shedding. Again, an aloe vera-type gel will help. Do not use any type of lotion product on these areas as lotion will clog the pours of your skin. Again, we want this junk out of your body.

    You can also draw waste product out through your skin by taking epsom salt baths. Epsom salt baths are also soothing for rashes. If you are strong enough to do epsom salt baths, be sure to immerse any rash areas in your bath water. (See Additional Information for further instructions on this.)

    Skin Shedding: We have had individuals shed areas of their skin. We even had one lady report that her entire top layer of skin pealed off like she was shedding her skin like a snake. She stated that under the surface of her skin appeared a water-like substance, a blistering effect, which lifted her skin. Then, her top layer of skin just began literally rolling off. This was in sections at a time and was not at all painful, but did eventually, happen over her entire body. This is the only report case that I have ever heard of. However, there have been cases of small areas of the body that have lysed in this matter.
  12. Vaginal Discharge: For women, there can be a vaginal discharge from time to time that can be thick and slimy with an odor that smells like your bottle of Protocel®. This is not an odor someone would smell on you, but rather something that only you would notice when wiping after urination.
  13. Coughing or Vomiting: This is not the norm. It is more common for individuals with lung cancer or lung metastasis who are already bringing a lot of mucus substance up from their lungs. When vomiting happens, it often has the appearance of a raw egg white. However, at times, can be white and bubbly/frothy. Of course, if you have eaten before an episode of vomiting and retch hard enough, you could bring up whatever is in your stomach as well. Waste product does not look like food substances that are being digested, stomach acid or medication. Most often, this occurs close to the taking of a dose of Protocel® usually within an hour after a dose (but not always). Occasionally, there may be nausea associated with the vomiting, however, usually this leaves as soon as the individual throws up. Of particular note here, individuals have brought up strange looking substances as well, i.e., small blood clots, objects with appearance similar to pieces of fresh liver/meat, sponge-like looking substances to name a few.
  14. Passing Strange-looking Substances: Some individuals have also actually passed or brought up pieces of their tumors. They have described these pieces as looking like “chunks of liver”, “blood clots”, “brown matter" and as looking “spongy” in appearance. If this happens, a small amount of fresh blood or what appears to be dried blood can be expelled with the tumor pieces. Think of that piece of tumor as a scab on the inside of your body. When we pick a scab on the outside of our body, we bleed or have some clear fluid leakage around the scab. It is basically the same principal on the inside of your body. As the tumor piece pulls away from where it was attached, it is natural for that area to experience a small amount of bleeding or weeping. However, if excessive bleeding occurs, you should immediately seek medical attention.
  15. Breathing: You can also breathe lysed cells out -- obviously, you cannot "see" this process. This can be accomplished by doing deep breathing exercises, similar to those recommended during natural childbirth. A long slow breath is inhaled through the nose expanding all the way down to your diaphragm, held for a count of at least 3 (5 would be preferable), and then, forcefully expelled through the mouth. This should be done several times throughout the day in repetitions of about 10-15 breaths.
  16. Flu-like Symptoms: The first few beginning days of taking Protocel® you can experience "flu-like" symptoms such as achiness, low grade fever, generally feeling of "blah". This is normal and just your body beginning the process of fighting your cancer.
  17. Tiredness: Everyone usually experiences tiredness to some degree or another. This is very normal in the beginning. It is generally the worst for about the first 2 months on Protocel®, but can last longer for some individuals. Initially, you are more tired because your body is fighting really hard to heal, and it is taking all of its stored energy reserves to do so. Many people can relate these spells around times when they have or are eliminating a lot of waste product. Again, the duration this tiredness will last depends on you and your body’s healing rate. As you begin to feel better, you will automatically become more and more active again, and episodes of tiredness, at this point, will come and go depending on Lysing and also depending upon your increase in physical activities.

    Allow yourself the right to rest during tired spells; Sleep in -- go to bed early -- take naps. Crawling into bed and refusing to get out is NOT being advocated here. However, you need to allow your body the right to heal. When it is resting, most of your energy is going to healing.

    Keep in mind that it is normal to feel that often you are taking two steps backward for every step forward. The healing process of our body and recovery of lost strength takes a lot energy and effort. You need to allow your body to heal at its own rate.
Finally, remember that you are basically in a marathon race not a sprint race. You do not want to overload your system. The waste elimination and removal are very similar to a huge detox going on in your body, only this detox is of cancer debris. You must, must, must give your body the tools it needs to keep itself flushed clean. These tools include a good amount of water (at least a ½ gallon per day), as well as good enzymes taken on an empty stomach waiting a ½ hour before eating/drinking any substance that would be considered food after taking the enzymes so that they get into the body to help with the waste removal rather than digesting food/drink.
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