Frequently Asked Questions about Protocel®

Understanding the Lysing Process: What is Lysing?
Lysing is a medical term which means "self-digestion, decomposition, dissolving and disintegration.” This is the process that happens to the anaerobic cells (cancer/damaged cells) once their cell energy is reduced by the regular use of Protocel®. Lysingdoes not affect any healthy cell in the body.

As the ATP energy source is being chronically lowered, the anaerobic cells no longer have enough power to maintain normal function. With the regular/consistent use of Protocel® causing this chronic energy loss, the anaerobic cells begin to have difficulty maintaining cohesive cell membrane structure and the cells begin to literally come “unglued” or break apart – thus, Lysing begins. The reduction in the ATP energy source to the anaerobic cells will begin with the very first dose of Protocel®. However, the effect this reduction in energy has is a gradual process that happens over a period of time: days, weeks and months. It would be unrealistic to believe that all anaerobic cells lyse at the same rate/speed/time. The body, and most especially its waste removal system, would be completely overwhelmed if this happened immediately to all anaerobic cells.

Once a cell has lysed, the body recognizes it as "waste product" and sends it out the normal avenues waste product leaves the bodies; i.e., bowel movements, urine, sweat, nasal drainage, tears, ear wax, breathing, etc. In other words, the waste product can be expelled through any avenue available for waste elimination. The majority will be eliminated through the bowels and urine output. The location of the cancer can have a huge effect on which pathway the body uses to eliminate the lysed protein. Often, it is eliminated from the nearest path or avenue out of the body.

You need to pay attention to your body functions. Remember what was normal for you before you were sick. You should see an increase in these areas now that your body is fighting a disease and losing even more waste product. This is the elimination of lysed material or “waste product”. (See Elimination of Waste Product for extensive details and descriptive/graphic listing of avenues of elimination.)

The waste product usually shows up sometime in the first couple of weeks of being on Protocel®. Often individuals do not even realize that they are eliminating waste product until someone who knows what to look for starts questioning them about has been happening with their bodies. In the beginning, the elimination should be greater. Also, there can be what seems like a coming and going effect to the Lysing process. Further, your body should set a pattern to its own elimination. The less cancer/disease in your body, obviously, the less waste product to come out. However, it should not instantly go away, and will probably remain in the bowel movements and urine until you are completely healed as these areas are where our bodies lose the majority of our waste.

Additionally, there are some individuals who have no outward evidence of waste product. If you happen to be one of these individuals, do not be concerned. This does not mean that you are not healing. Your body is healing the way it needs to for you to heal.

The waste product has often been described as looking like a raw egg white -- a slightly yellowy clear look. It usually has the body and texture of a raw egg white and will leave a slimy feeling on your skin if you touch it. Sometimes, it is white in appearance and can even be bubbly and/or frothy looking -- similar to an egg white right before it would be turned into meringue. Sometimes, it looks a lot like mucus. However, it does not always have to have this appearance. Again, just an increase in the normal output of body waste is an indication of Lysing whether it looks like anything described above or not.
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