Frequently Asked Questions about Protocel®

Miscellaneous Information: Epsom Salt Baths
If you are strong enough to get into and out of a bath tub, do the following:
  1. Purchase some Epsom Salts at a local drug, grocery or discount store.
  2. Follow directions for the Epsom Salts carton and fill your tub with as hot of water as you can stand.
  3. Take a good book or magazine with you and get into the tub.
  4. Immerse as much of your body as possible, especially any area that may have a rash. (For Women with breast cancer, it is a good idea to also immerse your breasts during these baths.)
  5. Stay in the tub until the water becomes cool (or as directed on the carton of Epsom Salts). By this point in time, your body will most likely feel a bit on the slimy side. You might even notice some interesting looking "stuff" floating around in the water.
  6. Take a shower to remove the slimy film.
  7. REPEAT as often as you like.
Congratulations, you have now enjoyed some wonderful quiet rejuvenation time and have most likely drawn out toxins along with some of the lysed cells through your skin. In addition, these baths are a good time to reflect upon your recovery in a positive manner and have some private time just to yourself for mental healing.

PLEASE NOTE: These baths have a tendency to leave you feeling a little on the weak side as the Epsom Salts and hot water relax your muscles. Therefore, they should only be done by individuals who are strong enough to get out of a tub safely with or without assistance. Please use your good judgment in this matter, and if you need help exiting the tub, ask for it!
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