Frequently Asked Questions about Protocel®

Miscellaneous Information: Organic Coffee Enemas
Organic coffee enemas are a good way to get toxins out of the body. They can be done on a daily basis if an individual feels they are necessary. The caffeine helps to stimulate the liver, colon and intestinal tract, causing the dumping of any waste product being stored or having difficulty being expelled. Thus, coffee enemas are a great way to detoxify.

Sample mixture: 1 cup of brewed coffee to 1 quart of water. The coffee should be cooled so that no chance of burning would occur. Water should be warm, but not hot. Take in as much of the mixture as can be held comfortably. Lay on right side with legs pulled up in a fetal position for the duration of between 12 – 15 minute. Do some deep breathing exercises to help prolong the process. If this length of time is not possible initially, build up time with each successive enema. (This should probably be done in the tub in case of leakage.)

To ensure proper safety, be sure to follow a standard guide or the instructions that come with an enema bag.
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