Frequently Asked Questions about Protocel

Sometimes our lymph system is slow in getting the waste product down to the liver. This can be from a decrease in an individual’s activity level or due to the individual’s disease parameters. There are several simple things that can be done that will help jog the lymph system into moving that junk on down the line so to speak. Here are three activities you can perform to jog the lymphatic system.
  1. Lay flat on your back in bed, lifting your arms up above your head and allowing them to go limp and fall on your mattress. They should bounce several times. This can be done with your legs as well by lifting them up several inches and allowing them to fall on the mattress also bouncing. Do this as many times as you choose each morning before getting out of bed and every night before falling to sleep. At least, four or five times each morning and night though is a good number to target.
  2. Stand up and actually jump in place four or five times periodically throughout the day.
  3. If you are strong enough and have access to a small indoor trampoline, it can be used as often as you choose for gentle bouncing to jog your lymph system. This is called rebounding.
PLEASE NOTE: Activities #2 & 3 should ONLY be undertaken by individuals whose overall strength and balance would permit them to do such activities without causing harm or the possibility of falling. Please use your common sense when undertaking these activities to avoid any possible physical harm!
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