Frequently Asked Questions about Protocel®

General Information for Using Protocel®: Rectal Dosing
Plastic medicine droppers can be found in children's department at local drug, grocery or discount stores. These will be marked with measurements. While there also purchase a tube of K-Y Lubricating Jelly (generally found in same department aisles near the baby thermometers). Use the K-Y to lubricate the medicine dropper to help prevent excessive irritation. DO NOT use Vaseline -- as Vaseline coats and does not allow absorption of Protocel®.

DO NOT dilute Protocel®, but rather use it straight out of the bottle. Pour a small amount into a small bowl or container prior to drawing into the dropper to maintain cleanliness and to avoid the possibility of contamination of the larger bottle of Protocel® in anyway.

Next, insert the dropper deep enough to get past the sphincter muscle. However, the entire dropper does NOT need inserted into the rectum. It is common to taste Protocel® within seconds after a dose is administered. Do not have a bowel movement for approximately 15 minutes after each dose. This allows sufficient time for absorption. Make sure that any Protocel® leakage is cleaned up good using a damp, warm cloth; then dry.

The dropper will cause stimulation and the possible urge to run to the bathroom. Lay on your side, take deep breaths, and try to occupy your mind with other stuff.

Bowel movements will be stained the color of Protocel®. This is normal. It is also normal to experience more gas.

If the rectal area becomes sore, use an Aloe-vera gel, Preparation H type or Zinc product on the outside. Or better yet order, "Roid Relief" from This product is natural and very effective in the relief of irritation and/or hemorrhoidal pain. Never, never, never use any hemorrhoidal pain relief type suppositories inside the body as these could interfere with the absorption of Protocel® due to their petroleum jelly content.

The body becomes accustomed to this method quickly.
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