Brad Matznick's Testimonial

My Story of Beating the Terrible Odds of Survival from Kidney Cancer, with God’s Help and Protocel®
Brad Matznick
My family history includes cancer too many times and it was my Dad's worst fear to suffer and die from the disease, but in 2003 his fear would be realized as he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. My Dad’s doctor was more than just his doctor, he was also his friend and I sensed his helplessness the day he came into my Dad’s room at the hospital to give him the results of his tests. At first my Dad was enthusiastic about fighting it, but at 83 years young and the terrible odds of beating the disease, he decided to live the remainder of his life to the fullest without the diminished quality of life from chemotherapy. He passed away exactly 4 weeks from that day while we were all at his bed side. It was a blessing to be there with him, nursing and loving him, but also painful for us at the end.

So you can imagine my family’s reaction on April 13, 2005 when I was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma, Kidney Cancer.  However, the fear seemed to be over just 2 days later when my left kidney was removed and the doctor gave me the all-clear from the disease. Two months later my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and in another month my sister-in-law was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer. We all survived our bouts but little known to us my cancer had metastasized and it reappeared in November of 2007 in one of my lymph nodes. Just to make it clear, what turned out to be very good statistics for recovery from RCC took a plunge to less than a 10% survival beyond 5 years with metastasis. There is no known long-term cure for this cancer and all therapies have side effects that in most cases have a negative affect on your quality of life.

I was introduced to Protocel® by Elaine Hulliberger late in 2008, but rejected her first suggestion to try it. However, then in late April of 2009, I had another conversation with Elaine, and on May 11, 2009, I started taking Protocel® along with my other therapy. At that point, I had seen and heard enough evidence to start taking Protocel®, and then ordered Elaine, Ty and Tanya’s books and also to do some research on successes. After much prayer with many people, I was convinced that God’s plan was for me to stop my chemotherapy and continue with Protocel®. It is now February 2010 and with the results of my last CT scan a couple of weeks ago, the doctor can no longer tell conclusively that I do or do not still have cancer. My next scan is in 6 months and I am confident that it will show no evidence of cancer. This is a great testimony to effectiveness of prayer and Protocel®.

If you have cancer, I strongly urge you to consider Protocel® as your primary treatment before deciding to do something else.

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God’s peace and grace in your life,

Brad Matznick