Paul Wengler's Testimonial

Testimony from Australia
Paul Wengler
I was diagnosed with Stage 3 bowel cancer (spread to some lymph nodes) in mid August 2006 and had surgery 27th September 2006 to remove a 15cm length of the bowel containing the 4.5cm x 3.5cm tumor. In my case bowel cancer appears to be genetic as my mother and a number of relatives have died from the same cancer.

I was advised to start chemotherapy immediately after the operation as without it I had an 40% chance it would return within 5 years but with chemotherapy that was reduced to 20%. I was started on a 6 month chemotherapy treatment (Xeloda oral) on 30th October 2006 as a follow up to the surgery which made me very ill, but after being given a copy of the Outsmart Your Cancer book I decided to stop the chemotherapy after two and a half months (middle January 2007) before it destroyed more of my immune system and give Protocel® (Entelev® here in Australia) a try for at least 12 months. My Oncologist of course was dead against it and claimed no alternative therapies worked although when I asked him what alternative therapies he had looked at he said none. He tried to convince me to continue the chemo. Fortunately the book had prepared me for this reaction and I was able to keep my resolve to try Protocel®.

On the other hand my surgeon had the opposite reaction and congratulated me for trying an alternative to chemo and going on a natural diet as he said chemo would destroy my immune system and he would have expected to see cancer shadows on my liver within 2 years which he would have to surgically remove. He gave me the name of a doctor he knew that specialized in natural nutrition and encouraged me to follow it through. A pity I had to tell him I rejected chemo before he would say anything but I have since discovered that Australian doctors are even more restricted by the TGA (Australia's equivalent of the FDA) than American doctors.

I have been on Protocel® now for 9 months and asked my Oncologist to keep checking on me as I wanted some evidence that the Protocel® was working. He gives me 3 monthly checks including blood tests. All blood tests so far have been clear of cancer markers and my 12 month surgery follow up CAT scan was also clear. I will also have a colonoscopy in January 08 which I expect will be completely clear.

I also changed my diet to eliminate all fried and fatty foods, no sugar or artificial sweeteners and much more fresh fruit and vegetables. I have also upped my water intake to 2 liters a day of alkaline water. I am convinced that Protocel® has/is cleaning the rogue cancer cells from my body and preventing a re-occurrence of the bowel cancer. I would encourage anyone battling cancer to try Protocel® because it WILL and DOES work and am so convinced that I buy 3 copies per month of the outsmart your cancer book (with the Protocel® chapters highlighted) to give to people I know with cancer as the knowledge contained in this book can save lives.


I had a colonoscopy which was a 12 months follow up after my surgery to remove the tumor and it is completely clear. I believe this is wholly due to the Protocel® I have been taking.

UPDATE 15 SEP 2008

It is now 2 years since my operation to remove bowel cancer and I have just got my results from my second annual CAT scan from neck to pelvis. The purpose of the scan is to check that cancer has not spread from the original bowel cancer. The results are good news in that the scan showed I am completely clear of any signs of cancer which I once more attribute to Protocel®.